About Giti Tyres

Giti Tyre is a Singapore-Based, Global Tyre Company, offering a complete range of quality tyres.

Why Choose Giti?

Giti provides comfortable, durable and adaptable tyres for drivers of all backgrounds.

A Focus on
Production & Quality Management

In each of Giti’s eight plants, the company sets the highest standard of quality control procedures.

A highly stringent quality control system and concern for the safety and quality demands in regions across the globe separates the brand from the competition.


Top Class R&D Facilities & Personnel

A team of over 600 experienced R&D engineers in five cutting-edge facilities around the world and top quality equipment ensure the upmost quality of tyre production and delivery.

Awards and Recognition From The Best

The company has earned extensive recognition from highly credited organizations around the world and some of the automotive industry’s largest names, including multiple top supplier awards from General Motors.


Respect Around
the World

Giti Tyre products are trusted by all types of individuals, from the everyday driver to top motorsports performers.

Through top performance and an extensive dealer network, the brand has a reputation for quality, performance, and safety.

A Greater Mission

Giti Tyre has an environmental and humanitarian drive that ties into all actions.

The company focuses on multiple areas to properly educate people about driving and tyre care, reduce energy consumption and pollution, as well as provide financial resources to help make the world a better place.

A Global Tyre Company

Giti Tyre is a Singapore-Based, Global Tyre Company, offering a complete range of quality tyres and services. The company provides tyres to more than 130 countries and is ranked among the world’s largest tyre companies with revenue of $3.1 billion in 2019.

With its roots going back more than 65 years in the tyre industry, Giti Tyre understands the requisites of being a resilient and consistent tyre manufacturer in the highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace and has the necessary resources in place.

Today, the Giti business platform fully integrates its worldwide manufacturing and R&D footprint, and innovative sales, marketing, and distribution channels together with its global motorsports activities to assure its future growth.

The Giti Tyre Difference

Quality and Consistent Manufacturing is at the heart of what Giti does. Our distributors and drivers rely on the best products, which require extensive research, manufacturing equipment, materials, human resources, and quality control to meet the high demands of today’s consumers.