5-Year FREE Tyre Replacement Guarantee

The 5-YEAR FREE TYRE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE is an industry-first initiative by GT Radial and covers any manufacturing defect causing loss of service fulfilment over the first full life of the tyre, up to a maximum of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Applies to GT Radial Car, 4WD & LT/Van tyres.

Once you submit your GT Radial Guarantee Form via the button below, you will receive a reply via your email with a guarantee number.

You must keep your receipt as proof-of-purchase.
If you think there may be a manufacturing fault with a GT Radial tyre, within 5 years of the date of manufacture, please call 13 62 82 or contact us via our contact page to find your closest authorised GT Radial tyre dealer, who will assess the tyre before contacting Tyres4U, the importer, to authorise a FREE replacement tyre if the fault is a genuine manufacturing fault.

The FREE GT Radial Replacement Tyre Guarantee does not cover tyre damage including, but not limited to, driving on underinflated tyres, driving at excessive speed, driving over potholes &/or roundabouts, overloading of vehicles, burnouts etc.