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The SportActive 2 brings great performance upgrades for premium and sports car drivers, including top control and performance attributes. Its braking and handling offer strong advantages over others in its class.

Features & Benefits




4 wide grooves
Exceptional water drainage

Micro sipes on the contact area

Additional grip effect
Brand new compound

Superb grip across wide temperature ranges, secures EU wet label “A”

Optimised pattern block geometry & pitch

Low noise tyre and more driving comfort


Rim Size16 – 19
Aspect Ratio35 – 55
Speed RatingV – Y 
Section Width195 – 255

GT Radial tyres come with a 30 DAY TEST DRIVE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, meaning that you can try them out and if you are not completely satisfied with your new tyres*, you can get your money back or a credit towards another tyre brand or pattern.


The 5-YEAR FREE TYRES REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE is an industry-first initiative by GT Radial and covers any manufacturing defect causing loss of service fulfilment over the first full life of the tyre, up to a maximum of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Applies to Car, 4WD & LT/Van tyres.


100A4399195/45R1684V XL
100A4160205/45R1687W XL
100A4401215/45R1690V XL
100A4159205/40R1784W XL
100A4400205/45R1788W XL
100A4161215/40R1787W XL
100A4402215/45R1791W XL
100A4163225/45R1794Y XL
100A4407235/45R1797Y XL
100A4411245/45R1799W XL
100A4162225/40R1892Y XL
100A4164225/45R1895Y XL
100A4406235/40R1895Y XL
100A4167235/45R1898W XL
100A4417245/40R1897Y XL
100A4170245/45R18100Y XL
100A4414255/35R1894Y XL
100A4419255/45R18103W XL
100A4421255/55R18109Y XL
100A4404225/40R1993Y XL
100A4405225/45R1996Y XL
100A4165235/35R1991Y XL
100A4168235/55R19105W XL
100A4169245/35R1993Y XL
100A4415255/35R1996Y XL
100A4418255/40R19100Y XL
100A4420255/50R19107Y XL
100A4422255/55R19111Y XL