Light Truck Tyres

Van and light truck tyres are designed for small commercial vehicles, that require the ability to travel both in cities and outside for deliveries and other purposes.

Why choose Giti Light Truck and Van Tyres?

Giti Tyre has always been driven to listen attentively to the voice of the customers and understand their needs, local weather conditions, infrastructure, vehicle usage patterns, driving habits, and motoring expectations. By leveraging this understanding and combining it with cutting edge R&D, Giti Tyre is enabled to offer a technologically driven tyre with a unique balance of performance and price that far exceed customer expectations.




KargoMax ST6000

Specially developed tyre for heavy-duty trailer and caravan use for long driving distances.

Maxmiler CX

Maximum mileage, comfort and extra load capacity.

Maxmiler EX

The MAXMILER EX is designed for modern, high speed commercial vans.

Maxmiler Pro

Delivers all-season performance for highway use with the toughness needed for some off-road driving near the jobsite.

Maxmiler X

The Maxmiler X provides good mileage and handling in wet and dry conditions.

Super Traveller 668

Van & Light Truck tyre built for light buses and commercial light trucks.