SUV & 4x4 Tyres

SUV’s and 4×4’s are the fastest growing segment of vehicles worldwide, combining the comfort, convenience, and space to bring family and friends whilst taking adventures off-road.

Why choose Giti SUV & 4x4 Tyres?

Giti Tyre has always been driven to listen attentively to the voice of the customers and understand their needs, local weather conditions, infrastructure, vehicle usage patterns, driving habits, and motoring expectations. By leveraging this understanding and combining it with cutting edge R&D, Giti Tyre is enabled to offer a technologically driven tyre with a unique balance of performance and price that far exceed customer expectations.

GitiControl SUV880

For performance-minded individuals with premium SUV vehicles.

GitiComfort F50

An SUV tyre which highlights silence and comfort.

GitiControl P80

Designed for premium SUVs providing drivers with the upmost control.

GitiSport S1

GitiSportS1 SUV

Ultra UHP SUV tyre designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers.

Giti4x4 AT70

An all-terrain tyre specifically designed for SUV/4×4 vehicles, with driving capabilities for poor road conditions.




Sports SUV

Champiro HPY SUV

The ultra-high performance Champiro HPY SUV offers outstanding cornering abilities in wet and dry conditions.

Champiro 528

This premium SUV tyre delivers the control, handling and stability that performance SUV drivers demand.

Savero SUV

High performance SUV tyre that combines outstanding driving comfort with balanced performance in wet and dry conditions.

Highway Terrain

Savero HT2

Active drivers will benefit from the superior pattern design that brings unparalleled handling and control in wet and dry conditions.

Savero HT+

Designed especially for 4WDs, light trucks, and SUVs to deliver a high degree of both comfort and control.

All Terrain

Adventuro AT

For SUV and 4WD drivers looking for an optimum balance between highway and off-road capability.

Adventuro AT2

For the more adventurous 4WD and SUV drivers who think a day spent off-road is a day well spent.

Adventuro AT3

An all-terrain tyre for 4WD and SUV drivers wanting aggressive looks and civilized on-road manners.

Savero AT+

The SAVERO AT PLUS delivers a smooth, secure highway ride along with stability and traction for off-road excursions.

Mud Terrain

Adventuro MT

The Adventuro MT features the most aggressive tread pattern in the GT Radial family; perfect for conquering rough, harsh, or muddy terrains.