Combining a globally integrated R&D system to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

AdvanZtech is the specialised and advanced technology put into Giti tyres that creates a difference in enhancing the key areas of driving experience.

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Quiet and Comfort

Noise Reduction – Lower Noise, More Comfort


Tread Design

Optimised tyre structure design

Multi-angle Sipes

Green and Energy Efficient

Making a Cleaner Earth and Fuller Wallet.


Nanotek silica technology

Mixing technology

RR SimTech 2.0 simulation technology

Safety Without Worry

Putting You and Your Family’s Safe Driving First.


Pattern Improvement:

Mixing technology

Compound Improvement:

Nanotek Silica/ Polyamide

Quality and Endurance

Longevity That Goes the Extra Mile


Precise Control

Making Moves with Ease and Control.


Tread pattern dynamic rigidity design

Increased rigidity when traction is needed most during cornering.

Bead reinforcement material

Provides lateral force when turning.

Applied reinforcement material on cap ply

Reduced deformity and increase improve the anti-slip performance.


Looking to the Future World of New Technology.


A fundamental technology platform for a wide range of Giti tyres.

As more products developed under AdvanZtech, Giti Tyre will create more value to customers.