Giti Tyre integrates five cutting-edge R&D and testing centres around the world, with a focus on constantly growing product technology.

Giti Tyre Global One R&D grows and synchronises its technology resources with the fast-evolving automotive trends. With its technology centres strategically located in the United States, Germany, UK, China, and Indonesia, it is also able to respond effectively to specific local needs promptly to ensure prompt availability and suitability of its new products for the respective regions.

The diverse Global One R&D Team develops competencies through the most advanced tools and joint development projects, utilising its global technology platform for database, tyre design tools, and tyre performance simulations to provide timely regional product solution deployment.

Top Design & Analysis Tools

Giti’s strategic focus on the development of computer-aided design tools, materials and compounding technologies, and tyre-vehicle interactions performance simulations also meet the stringent needs of global OE car manufacturers – with critical emphasis on wet grip, low rolling resistance and balanced dynamic handling. This includes advanced testing machinery that is used by very few other tyre manufacturers.

Motorsports and Tyre Technology

Challenging Motorsports Extremes continues to be an important R&D platform, where passionate engineers work in relentless in pursuit of winning solutions through Motorsports races. The finesse of these tyre technologies are constantly transformed into better and safer tyres for Giti customers’ daily driving. Taking tyres to the track in the toughest conditions and doing advanced analysis is one of the strongest R&D development methods.

AdvanZtech Integration Into Giti's Tyres

AdvanZtech technology is put into each Giti tyre, combining advanced elements of Safety, Noise, Endurance, Fuel Savings, Smart-Tech, and Precision Handling. This gives unique benefits to Giti compared to other tyres in the marketplace.